X + Y

…was successfully screen on 22nd January 2016

Directed by Morgan Matthews, the film centres on teenage maths prodigy Nathan (Asa Butterfield), diagnosed at an early age as being on the autistic spectrum, who struggles when it comes to building relationships with other people – including his mother, Julie (Sally Hawkins). In a world difficult to comprehend, he finds comfort in numbers.

When Nathan is taken under the wing of unconventional and anarchic teacher, Mr. Humphreys (Rafe Spall), the pair forge an unusual friendship.

Eventually, Nathan’s talents win him a place on the UK National team at the International Mathematics Olympiad and the team travel to a training camp in Taiwan, under the supervision of squad leader Richard (Eddie Marsan).

From suburban England to bustling Taipei and back again, this original and heart-warming film tracks the funny and complex relationships that Nathan builds as he is confronted by the irrational nature of love.

Despite garnering very positive reviews, this recent British film was somewhat overlooked at the box office.

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