The Test Screening took place on the 9th November with both films Sold Out.
Monster’s University was screened to a packed house of children, some of whom were lucky enough to participate in a specially organised animation workshop before the show.  The animation “Are you being served?” was shown to the film goers after the main film, to everyone’s delight.
The evening show was opened by Tim Corrie, the recent Chairman of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. The film shown was the Great Gatsby which had won the vote for Chorleywood’s Choice.  One vote was all it took to make the difference between it and the next favorite Blade Runner.


Picture1 raffle sponsors

The Winning Tickets were:

The photo shoot – ticket 160

The hair cut – ticket 83

The sparkling wine – ticket 151

Sports shop voucher – ticket 150

Nigel Slater book – ticket 128

Bridget Jones book – ticket 147

Thanks to Satya Photography, e.clips hairdressers, Ultimate Destinations, CW Sports and the Chorleywood Bookshop for donating the prizes. The first three prizes have already been claimed.  If you have any of the remaining tickets please get in touch.

Congratulations to Chorleywood Bookshop who supported the Great Gatsby, J D Barbers who supported Blade Runner, Sujoy Tandori who supported Darjeeling Ltd, Richard Neil Barbers who supported Sweeny Todd, Gusto Deli who supported Some Like it Hot and Satya Photography who supported Calender Girls.

Trailers for both films are below:


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