New Season Remains ‘On Hold’- So Here’s Something Different…

By now our new season of films would normally be well underway but as we all know, these are not ‘normal’ times, sadly we do not expect to resume normal screenings until the new year.

Until then we’re trying something different – a virtual version of the Club! 

Here’s how it works….

  • We select a film that is currently available on a free-to-view television service (e.g. BBC I-Player or All4) and supply you with a synopsis and a date for your diary.
  • You register your interest by e-mailing us at to take part in the discussion.
  • We send you a set of screening notes and a link to the Zoom discussion that’s been booked.
  • You choose when to watch the film during the intervening period …and then on the fixed date we have the facilitated online Zoom discussion about it.

Apart from your time it costs you nothing to participate.  Even better, our virtual Film Club means you can join in with others in our community, whilst engaging safely from the warmth and security of your home.

Our test discussion took place at the beginning of October and was very well received – so, watch this space for further information….

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