Congratulations to our budding film-makers!

After a very well-attended session on Saturday afternoon, we would like to thank everyone who took part in our film competitions this year with special congratulations to the finalists and winners of this year’s Mini-Movie Makers and Young Film Makers’ awards!

Years 3 and 4
Winner: David Siemens – The Battle of the Evil Cucumber
Finalists: Mia Ford – The Pigtastic Disaster / Lola Randall – The Skittle Adventures

Years 5 and 6
Winner: Joel McKechnie – Operation Overlord
Finalists: Lily Spurin – Lily Loves Nature / William James – Kung Food Fighters

Years 7-9
Winner: William Nice – A.I.S.
Finalists: Leonor Schaff, Emily Harris, Kasumi Foster and Abigail Humphery – The school Trip / Alice Ruttley, Grace Eyles and Kiana Sutanto-Martorell – A Change in Time

Years 10-13
Winner: Molly Farnham – Lunch break
Finalists: Anusha Devani & Eloisa Baulk – Remember Me

Photos: Brigitte Bott

One thought on “Congratulations to our budding film-makers!

  1. davidandjoannefletcher9269 says:

    Hello David, you are really famous now, and it is great that you came in first. I like the nice
    glass trophy that you are holding. I imagine you will find a special shelf in your bedroom for that.
    I hope my little card has arrived in the mail for you. lots of love: your Grandparents in Winnipeg. xoxoxo


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