I, Daniel Blake

Our film for January is veteran British director Ken Loach’s latest – the controversial societal drama, I, Daniel Blake.

Daniel Blake, is a Geordie carpenter who has worked hard to support himself his entire life. He is uncomplaining and committed to his job and his modest lifestyle. But then a heart attack changes everything and unable to work, he’s soon caught up in a bureaucratic benefits nightmare, hampered by his own naive honesty.

At the local Jobcentre he crosses paths with quick tempered, single mother Katie and her two young children. Katie’s only escape from a hostel for the homeless in London has been to accept accomodation in Newcastle – a city with which she has no ties and is some 300 miles away.

Daniel and Katie find themselves in no-man’s land, caught on the barbed wire of welfare bureaucracy played out against the rhetoric of ‘striver and skiver’ in modern day Britain.

Although the film is an angry indictment of austerity Britain, it is also warm and funny, with an outstanding debut film performance by comedian Dave Johns in the title role.

The film, which contains very strong language, won Palme D’Or prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

I, Daniel Blake (Cert. 15 / 100 mins) is being screened at the War Memorial Hall, Common Road on Friday 20th January.  Doors and bar open at 7.30, film starts at 8.00 p.m.  Tickets £6 in advance from Chorleywood Bookshop – or on the door if still available.

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