Race (2016)

race-poster4The October film is Race. This will be shown on Friday October 14th.

Race is a biopic about professional sprinter, Jesse Owens(Stephan James). Jesse has been a track & field athlete, almost all his life. He goes to Ohio State University, to pursue his dreams. Here, he trains under Ohio State’s track & field coach, Larry Snyder(Jason Sudeikis). Coach Snyder tells Jesse that, he will take him all the way to the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Snyder also informs Jesse, that he needs Jesse’s complete dedication, if Jesse wants to achieve his dreams. However, the Hitler-ruled Germany is extremely prejudiced against African Americans.

Race is a flawless film. Race is a sports drama, that will inevitably lift your mood. Director Stephen Hopkins has masterfully brought Jesse Owens’ life, to the big screen. I love the fact that Jesse Owens is not showcased as being a perfect man. He has his flaws but, he is a great human being who is dedicated to his sport & loves his family. The race set pieces are thrilling & will have you on the edge of your seat, for those few seconds. The way Jesse Owens created history at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, is staggeringly amazing. A note on the performances. Stephan James is outstanding as Jesse Owens. James portrays the protagonist with various shades of emotions. Jason Sudeikis is spectacular as Larry Snyder. Sudeikis shines, in his first dramatic role. Eli Goree is impressive as Dave Albritton. Shanice Banton is great as Ruth Solomon. Carice van Houten is superb as Leni Riefenstahl. Houten’s character is a stark contrast, to her role as the red priestess on Game of Thrones(2011-). Jeremy Irons is mind blowing as Avery Brundage. Irons gives one of the best performances of his varied career. William Hurt is good as Jeremiah Mahoney. David Kross is excellent as Carl ‘Luz’ Long. Barnaby Metschurat is awesome as Joseph Goebbels. The supporting cast is impressive, in their respective roles. Race is a must watch for every sports buff.

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